Library Rules

1. The Students must carry the Identity – Card with him or her to get the books issued /returned.

2. The students are not permitted to use other’s Identity – Card/s. The loss of ID card should be immediately reported to the college Library, office so that a duplicate card may be issued.

3. The members can’t be issued more than one book of same kind at a time.

4. Members are responsible for the books borrowed against their library ticket.

5. The students who are enrolled as member in other libraries on the recommendation of the college library are required to get the clearance from the concerned library before the final examination of University of Delhi.

6. Members are requested to check the condition of the book before getting issued. Any damage found in the books taken out for reading or borrowing should be brought to the notice of the staff on duty before getting issued.

7. Loss of any borrowed book must be reported immediately to the Librarian/Library Staff. The member must replace the lost book / pay the cost of the latest edition of the lost book along with overdue charges, if any.

8. Bags, personal belongings and books borrowed from other libraries must not be brought inside the library. These must be kept at the property counter at reader’s own risk.

9. Library does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property left on its premises.

10. While leaving the library, members are required to show their files, file covers, books etc. to the Library

11. Staff on duty at the check – point.

12. Eating, sleeping and smoking are not allowed in the Library.

13. Readers should observe strict silence and switch off their Mobile – Phones in the Library premises.

14. Violation of library rules or misconduct by a member may invite discontinuation of the library privileges.

Attendance and Leave Rules

Classes are conducted every day for seven periods, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.
Attendance will be taken by the staff members at the commencement of each period.
A student teacher who is not present in the lecture halls when the attendance is taken will lose the attendance for the session.
Student teachers shall be regular in attendance and they are expected to be punctual.
No student teacher will be admitted into the lecture halls if he/she is late by more than ten minutes.
Late comers are liable to be fined and they will be admitted into the lecture halls only after getting the written permission from the Principal/Vice Principal.
The record of attendance of each student will be put on the Notice Board in the first week of every month.
A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear for the University Examination.
Discrepancies in the attendance entries, if any, should be reported by the student to the attendance In-charge through the mentor.
Leave of absence will be permitted only for valid reason, that too with the prior approval of the Principal.
A student on medical leave must produce the Medical Certificate along with the leave application duly signed by the parent/guardian when he/she rejoins the class.
Irregular attendance, habitual late coming, disobedience, disrespect to the staff or the higher authorities and immoral behavior will be viewed very seriously and dealt with accordingly.

Discipline Rules

1. Trainees should take along their identity cards at all times.

2. The daily program and course trainees college concomitant forced to participate actively in trends is essential.

3. College campus to maintain cleanliness and order must abide by collective responsibility.

4. Keep a sense of belonging to the college property and endeavored to keep their safety and proper use.

5. Interpersonal behavior of the trainees in the program of teacher training is very important. All are expected to behave with absolute poise. In practice mutual affection, intimacy, decency, humility and respect should be.

6. Heads and teachers outside the college campus, you are supposed to be treated with dignity.

7. For special orders, etc. visited daily notice board.